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The GWRS is the largest water purification project of its kind in the world and it:

  • Has a current production capacity of 70 million gallons (265,000 cubic meters; 215 acre-feet) of water per day and a total production of 23.5 billion gallons (89 million cubic meters; 72,000 acre-feet) per year.
  • Takes highly treated wastewater, that otherwise would be discharged into the Pacific Ocean, and purifies it to near-distilled-quality water, thereby creating a new, safe and reliable water supply to replenish the Orange County groundwater basin and to prevent seawater from contaminating the county's groundwater supplies.
  • Cost $481 million (U.S. Dollars) to design and construct.
  • Produces enough water for nearly 600,000 people.
  • Uses less than half the energy required to pump imported water from Northern California to Orange County and other parts of Southern California.
  • Uses less than one-third the energy that it takes to desalinate ocean water.
  • Is one of the most celebrated civil engineering and water reuse projects in the world; the GWRS has received more than 35 local, regional, national and international awards, including the 2008 Stockholm International Industry Water Award and the American Society of Civil Engineers 2009 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.

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